Nail Surgery

Nail surgery is now offered at Expert Footcare with podiatrist Noreen Burke. It is minor surgical procedure to remove part of, or all, of the affected toenail to improve a problematic, painful and often infected nail condition, most commonly ingrown toenails. The procedure itself is quite quick but a full pre-assessment examination is carried out to assess the client’s suitability for the operation. The advantages and possible complications that come with any surgical procedure will be explained and the client’s written consent is required to proceed. Once it is determined that nail surgery is required a time and date is arranged to attend for the procedure.

Local anaesthetic is injected into the affected toe to numb it and block any pain sensations during the procedure. Once numb a tourniquet is placed at the base of the toe to reduce bleeding. The nail or section of nail is released from the nail bed and then removed. To prevent re-growth of part of, or all, of the nail, a chemical called phenol is applied. Procedures can be done without the use of the chemical but re-growth of the nail will occur. Once the procedure is complete a large bandage is placed over the toe and it is left in place until the next day when the client returns for a follow up appointment to redress the toe.

Aftercare is very important to prevent the risk of developing a post operative infection and full written and verbal instructions are given on this. It involves cleaning the wound and applying a clean dressing daily which will be demonstrated at the re-dressing appointment. Healing time varies but it can take up to 6 weeks to heal completely.

Nail surgery involves 3-4 appointments.

  1. Pre-assessment appointment: Various tests and examinations are carried out. A full health questionnaire is completed and the procedure, advantages and possible complications are fully explained. Consent forms are completed and time and date of surgery is arranged. (30 minutes)
  2. Nail surgery appointment: Clients are reassessed to check if anything has changed since initial assessment and the consent is verified. The procedure is then carried out. (60-90 minutes)
  3. Redress Appointment: 24 hours later the client returns for a redressing appointment. Full aftercare instructions and daily redressing requirements are explained. One week’s supply of dressings are given. (15-30 minutes)
  4. Further follow up appointment 2-3 weeks later if required.

Nail surgery procedures cost between £275 and £295. Private health insurance may often cover some of the cost, but it will depend on the provider.

Should you have any further questions or to arrange a consultation do not hesitate to contact me.

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