Podiatech & Sports Orthotics

The Podiatech SPCT® concept, yes another Sida innovation, concentrates all the know-how of Podiatech into modules with recognised performance.

The modules are ready to be thermoformed and modified to provide a solution that is tailored to the patient, simple and effective.

The SPCT® concept is available in 2 ranges: the classic range and a new specialised range thanks to the introduction of Transflux® with a different biomechanical constructions for each activity.

The new specialised range has been developed by recognised specialista in the sports of skiing, rollerblading, trekking, cycling, football, running and golf and approved by top athletes.

To meet the needs of our customers and to produce a simplier product, Podiatec have developed the OPCT® the Thermoformed Composite Orthotic.

The OPCT® is thermoformable, pre-designed, pre-assembled flat and adaptable to suit the diagnosis.

Advantages of the OPCT®:

  • Respects the biomechanics of the foot
  • Increases the value of the orthotost’s expertise: between the primary layer and the base, the practitioner applies his expertise to transform the OPCT into a custom-made orthotic by incrporating all the correction, comfort and stimulation elements required in a large number of possible therapeutic responses.
  • Generates optimum performance through the combination of the physicochemical characteristics of the synthetic materials used. They can be heated and formed into any shape, are washable, hygenic and their composition makes them easy to use.
  • Covers a very broad area of application: the orthotist chooses the OPCT® to suit the pathology, the fitting room and the patient’s activity and psychological condition.
  • Results in an attractive and hygenic orthopaedic device that is adjusted directly on the patient’s feet and can be modified as required.
  • Benefits from thermoforming thechnology and direct or indirect shaping to the foot by thermo-moulding.

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